A pair of cute jokers; steamy Tuesday evening on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I came across tonight’s photo post a few days back, and I knew I had to put it up. I’m not sure if these two guys really are gay or not, but they certainly are funny. Where can one buy such t-shirts? It certainly takes some chutzpah to wear them, don’t you think? I also think the guy on the right is super cute, definite boyfriend material. Wouldn’t you agree?

I spent an intense 2-1/2 hours working on my sailing story this morning. After lunch, I talked with my boyfriend in Minnesota; he’s working this afternoon and this evening, so it was our only chance to talk today. He’s doing fine, but I sure do miss him. After the call, I visited Sports Authority to buy new sneakers, along with a new pair of swimming goggles.

I haven’t bought a new pair of sneakers in a long while. There were so many to choose from. We’ll be walking a great deal while we’re in Berlin later this month, and I wanted something super comfortable. I settled on black Converse Farleys; they are just right, flexible and roomy and they won’t have to be “broken in.”

Our trip’s less than a week away, so I’m already getting things ready: getting out my passport and my European wallet with a change pocket for Euro coins, calling the bank to let them know I’ll use my ATM card and credit card over there, and confirming directions to our host’s apartment from the airport.  I know Berlin’s public transportation system pretty well. It’ll be a piece of cake.

Outside, it’s hotter than blazes, about 92 degrees and humid as hell. I hate this kind of weather. It’s so warm I can’t do my three-mile runs; I have to go to the YMCA or skip the runs altogether, which sucks. I’m having a guest for dinner. I don’t know what I’ll do afterward. Read a book or watch a movie? Because I’ve risen around 7:30 AM the past two days, I’ll likely nod out by 10 PM this evening. It’s okay, I’ve had a busy day.

Enjoy your Tuesday night, everyone.

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