Sexy guy in black and white; Martin’s off to town …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone recognize the young man in tonight’s photo post? I put up two other photos of him earlier this year. In one, he played his drum. In the other, he was photographed shirtless and standing up. To get the full effect of this photo, click on it and you’ll see the full-sized version.

What a nice series of photos. I like this one because it looks like he’s waiting for his lover to join him on the bed. Would you hesitate to hop in? I know I wouldn’t. he’s a beautiful guy, isn’t he? I wonder what his name is and where he lives? Anyone know?

I’m home from the YMCA, after a great workout and swim. My new Speedo goggles are amazing. They’re comfortable, they don’t fog, and the lenses are tinted yellow, which gives everything a surreal appearance. I had a lap lane to myself today, which is always nice.

Outside, the heat is nothing less than awful. The humidity’s even worse. You feel like you can’t breathe when you’re out there. In a few minutes, I’m off to join my buds for beer-drinking and dinner. It’s always fun. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday evening.

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