Cute boy brushing his teeth; Martin’s getting last-minute tasks done …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m up early. Are you? If so, don’t forget to brush your teeth; it’s important to take care of those choppers, you know.

Okay, watching a cute guy brush his teeth is not exactly romantic or sexy, but when I came across this morning’s photo post, I laughed and laughed. He’s adorable, isn’t he?

Last night I spent a couple of pleasant hours at our local gay watering hole, with two friends, before returning to watch sunset on my little island. The bar was crowded with men of varying ages. When I got back from sunset, I made a quick dinner. Then I got busy working on edits on the final story for my upcoming, single-author anthology, Flawed Boys,  due out the second week of July 2011.

Flawed Boys offers three stories about men falling in love with troubled guys. Each story is between 7,000 and 9,500 words, so you might read one story in 45 minutes or so. If you’ve read my work, you know the characters in my stories are never perfect guys, physically or emotionally. Do you know any perfect people? I don’t, and I like my stories to reflect reality, not fantasy. I’ll announce publication of Flawed Boys on this blog when it’s released by Noble Romance Publishing, and I’ll put a link in my blogroll. How’s that?

You know, even though 45,000 people visited this blog in in May 2011, there are days when I wonder whether I’m wasting my time here. Then I’ll receive a nice comment from someone and it makes me realize how much some people benefit from my daily posts. Yesterday, I received the following comment from a guy named Trace. He said:

“Hello Martin. I came across your Blog-site a couple months ago, and have followed it since and read most of your archives.  I am impressed by the leadership you have taken in certain sub-cultures. As a rural farmer/producer in Alberta Canada, I am aware of the challenges that exist. Thank you for your continuing efforts.”

Thanks, Trace. You made my day.

Okay, friends, it’s 8:45 AM and I have a full day ahead. After writing this morning, I must visit the YMCA to run on the treadmill and maybe swim some laps. I have to buy little tubes and bottles of toiletries I can take on the plane, as well as snacks for the eight hour flight from Newark to Berlin. Then I need to start packing. It takes me a long time because I’m limited to a carry-on and my computer bag, and I’ll need many things during our week-long stay in Germany.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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