Naked guy on a sofa; nice day in Berlin …

Hi, f riends and readers:

Sometimes a guy likes to get naked and relax. The sofa’s always a great choice. Imagine walking into your living room and finding him lying there, waiting for you? Aye-yi-yi.

It’s been a fine day here in Berlin, our first full day, as we spent a large part of yesterday sleeping. This morning I went to the supermarket on the corner for broetchen (fresh rolls), cheese and salami slices, for our breakfast. After we three dined and showered, we hit the streets for sightseeing: Humboldt University, Unter der Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and U. S. embassy, the Reichstag and the bombed-out Kaiser Kirche, or King’s Church, on the Kurfusrtendamm. By three P.M. our feet were sore and we were tired.

It was warm here today, with a high of about 85 degrees F. But the humidity was low, so it wasn’t bad. It’s so different here than in Florida, with such a mix of culltures and ethnicities. You see everything: Germans, Turkish people, Asians, Africans and people from Central Europe. There are numerous high school student groups, from all parts of Germany,  here for a tour of their capital with their teachers. The kids look happy to be away from home; the teachers look frazzled. It’s kind of funny.

Tonight, after we cook dinner and clean up, we’ll visit a brewery nearby for a special beer. Then we’ll visit Nollendorfplatz, the epicenter of gay subculture in Berlin, where we’ll have a beer or two at Tom’s Bar, an all-male “cruise” bar with cheap beer and hot guys. Look out, Martin!

Have a nice Wednesday evening, all.

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