Hot boy in the kitchen; hot Friday night in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? Imagine walking into your kitchen this morning and finding him standing there in his towel. What would you do? Offer him a cup of coffee? Aye-yi-yi. I’ve seen photos of this young man before. I’m pretty sure he’s German. That’s definitely a European kitchen he’s occupying because the washing machine’s there, something you would not see in the U.S. The photos I see are not professionally taken, but they sure are hot. I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

Okay, I’m up relatively early after staying out late last night. We went to the street festival in Kreuzberg, which was a lot of fun. Several bands played, and there were plenty of food and beer vendors. The weather cooperated and the crowd was huge. We met friends there, drank beer on the street and listened to the music. Then it was off to a restaurant for dinner and wine.

Afterward, we went to a jazz club, then to Schwuz for multiple beers and dancing. The place filled up during the two hours were were there. People were friendly and the beer was cheap — about three Euros per bottle. By the time we left it was 1:30 AM and we were tired and hungry. We bought doerners on the street before riding the U-Bahn home. Everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Now, it’s 10 AM and time to get busy. Berlin supermarkets aren’t open Sundays and neither are the beer/wine stores, so we’ll have to stock the fridge today. There’s laundry to be done and the bathroom’s getting a bit grungy, so we’d best get moving. Outside, it’s sunny and cool, a perfect day to walk about Berlin and enjoy the sites. Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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