Hot boy with nice pectorals; easy day in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, I’m back. Here’s a nice photo of a young German man. I liked it because he has such a nice chest and abdominal muscles. You see a lot of young men over here like him. Sights in the parks are more than interesting during warm weather.

After last night’s excesses, we spent the afternoon doing something peaceful. We visited a park in Prenzlauerburg, an up-and-coming neighborhood full of young people who are a bit edgy. The park was crammed full of people enjoying the sunshine and listening to people doing karaoke. I’m talking about over a thousand people, no joke. People entertain themselves more simply here. I like it.

Now we’re back home, having a few beers while I cook dinner: a casserole made with egg noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef, sour cream and cottage cheese. I top it with cheddar cheese; everyone loves it. I’ll prepare a salad and we’ll share a bottle of red wine.

Tonight, we may go out for beer and maybe some ice cream afterward. It’s so nice outside tonight, and tomorrow it’ll be very hot, about 90 degrees F. We may visit the Olympic Stadium tomorrow morning if we can drag our butts out of bed a little earlier.

What are you doing tonight? Whatever, it is, I hope you’re enjoying yourself as much as I am.

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