Cute, shirtless boy eating ice cream; another warm day in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, the sights one sees while strolling the streets of Berlin and riding the underground. This is such a young city, and especially in summer it’s full of young men from all over Europe, walking around with their shirts off, eating ice cream and drinking beer. Why must I leave so soon.

Tomorrow’s our last full day here. Our flight leaves for the U. S. Wednesday morning, quite early, so we’ll have to take it easy tonight. No late night bar crawling like last night. After a very warm day, the evening turned chilly and I wasn’t dressed for it. We had to stay inside a place we visited in Kreuzberg, which was okay because the police got into a scuffle with a drunk guy who wasn’t behaving in another establishment. They tackled him in the street and handcuffed him while the guy screamed and squirmed. It wasn’t nice.

Today’s supposed to be another warm day. We’ll visit The Topography of Terror near Potsdamer Platz for a couple of hours. This is an exhibit about the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany and the ensuing Holocaust. It’s a sobering place to spend time, but an excellent reminder of how important it it to protect our civil liberties, and guard against tyrants who would prey on our fears.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our evening. Probably dine out and drink a few beers in my friend’s flat before we go to bed. But whatever it is, we’ll enjoy ourselves. It’s been a great visit. Right now, I’m going to eat breakfast and roll my boyfriend out of bed. Enjoy your Tuesday, friends.

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