Cute boys romping; one last post from Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Here’s one last post from my favorite city in the world: Berlin, Germany. After spending a full week here, I hate to leave. But I’m sure we’re a burden to our host; he’s been more than affable. We’ve enjoyed a lot of good food, beer and wine, hung out with some nice friends, saw many beautiful sights.

My boyfriend and I just returned from Schiller Park, where we ran about two miles on a cinder path encircling the park’s interior. Most of the path was shaded, and that was good thing because it was extremely warm in Berlin today.

We spent about three hours at the Topography of Terror, a sobering experience. I often wonder: what would I have done had I been a German citizen in the early 1930s? Would I have looked the other way while Jews and other minorities were persecuted? Would I have been suckered by Nazi rhetoric? Of course, I’ll never know, but I hope I would have spoken up. Why didn’t more people?

Tonight we’ll visit a restaurant with the best schnitzel in Berlin. Their beer vom fass is excellent, too. Then we’ll return to our friend’s flat and pack our bags. Bye-bye, Berlin! We’ll be back.

Enjoy your Tuesday night, everyone.

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