Cute boy in a ball cap; historic day on the blog; nice comment from a fan of the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Today’s a big day for this blog. This morning, I had visit number 300,000, quite a milestone. When I first started the blog, back in December 2008, I’d only have a few dozen visits on typical day. Now, it’s around 1,500 per day, or 45,000 visit per month. It’s amazing, really.

I received a very nice comment today from a gentleman named Arthur; I don’t know where he lives. He said this:

“I have been habituating a visit to your blog for a daily dose of good sense and hope, and the idea that blogs and internet may give one a sense of community.  In my high school, 45 years ago, there was no “gay community”.  To have gay feelings was a solo gig to be sure.  Now I may read your blog, with the sense that the community is not bound by high school walls or monopoly board type segregated neighborhoods, but by a deeper sense of what’s right in life about sharing and supporting people who just want a chance – a chance to be accepted and have an expansive, growing happiness.  Thank you for all your writing.”

I wrote Arthur back and said this:

“Hi, Arthur:

“What a nice comment to receive on this holiday afternoon. I just returned from a swim in the Gulf of Mexico, to find it. I don’t often publish comments I receive on the blog, but I will post yours later today.
“When I was in high school, during 1967-69, homosexuality was something no one discussed, except derisively. I didn’t become sexually active until I was in college. I’m proud to say I helped form the first gay student organization at Florida State University, while I attended law school there. It was a liberating experience.
“I feel so sorry for young men who write to me, ones who live in conservative communities and cannot explore or even discuss their sexuality with friends and family. I think you and I both know how they must feel: lonely, isolated and a bit scared.
“Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m glad my blog gives you some pleasure.”
Well, I’ve had a productive day so far: I edited a story and tended to correspondence. I submitted a short story and a novella to editors for consideration. Then I visited the beach and swam about a quarter mile with my goggles on. It was great. Sure, the beach was crowded, but the water wasn’t. With my goggles, I could see clearly and the water temperature was nice, about 87 degrees F.
Soon I’ll be off to my neighborhood party with wine and a bowl of chilled shrimp in tow. I may get a little drunk tonight, but I can walk home, so it’s okay. Everybody, have a good time tonight. Enjoy the fireworks.

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