Cute guy in boardshorts; reflections on memorial services …

Hi, friends and readers:

Living in a beach community has its benefits. You can take a stroll down to the shore and see all sorts of lovely sights. Like the guy pictured at left. He was made to wear boardshorts and nothing else. (Okay, maybe his flip-flops, but nothing else.)

In about 90 minutes I’ll leave for Tampa’s airport to pick up my boyfriend. We’ll dine at a good seafood restaurant before coming home. It’ll be so nice to look into his eyes and hold his hand. I’m a lucky guy to have such a smart and sexy lover. The next ten days are going to be mucho fun.

This afternoon I attended a memorial service for a woman who was my housekeeper for many years. She died a few days ago. About three hundred people attended the service. All but myself and one other person were black. I’d never been inside a black church before, and I was impressed. The sanctuary was was bright and comfortable, with good acoustics. The music included two solos and three pieces by the choir. The minister sang part of his eulogy, too. I know the decedent would have been pleased if she’d seen what a nice service it was.

Which brings me to ask a question: Is it important to attend memorial services? I mean, some people say, “Why go? It’s not like the deceased person knows you’re there.” I used to subscribe to that philosophy myself, when I was younger. But I feel differently now.

If a loved one dies and you don’t attend their service, it’s like they’ve simply vanished from your life, there’s no saying goodbye. But if you go to the service, it’s very much like saying, “Goodbye.” It’s closure, I guess. Also, attending a memorial service tells the decedent’s survivors that you truly cared enough about the deceased to take the time and effort to attend the service. It’s a form of emotional support. So, I’m glad I went today. Afterward, I visited the YMCA and swam laps for a half-hour.

It’s a heavy-traffic day, here on the blog. Already, 1,800 people have visited, and that figure will rise past 2,000 before day’s end. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by today. And, everyone enjoy your Saturday night. I know I will!

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