Shirtless young man with a backpack; Martin’s up early …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m always a sucker for a guy with a nice smile, like the young man whose photo appears at left. He’s a doll, isn’t he? I wonder what his name is and where he lives?

I’m up early. My boyfriend and I took a one-mile walk on the beach, then took a dip in the Gulf. Now, we’ve finished breakfast and I’m getting ready to write, while he’s reading the newspaper. It’s so nice having him home; it feels like he never left.

I’ve got a busy schedule today. Besides writing, we need to buy a few things for the house. Then I have an appointment with my lawyer, another for an MRI on my right knee. The day’s going to fly by.

This morning I’m working on a rewrite of a story I wrote titled Boy From Red Bluff. It’s loosely based on a short term relationship I had in Berlin, Germany during summer of 2006. I’m submitting it for a Cleis Press anthology titled Wild Boys, due out in 2012. Sometimes I’ll have to tweak a story I’ve already written, so it fits into a particular book’s theme. That’s the case with this one, and it’s likely the final product won’t look anything like it does right now.

Now, I haven’t forgotten my promise t post another “free fiction” story on this blog. I need time to pick out just the right story, so be patient. Right now I’ve got to get busy, so I’ll wish everyone a nice Tuesday.

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