Another hot boy in a black Speedo; Martin’s anthology, “Flawed Boys”, is a bestseller . . .

Hi friends and readers:

I keep saying this: I’ve got to find out where our local swim meets are held. Everyone like this morning’s photo post? He’s the type of guy who should never wear anything but a Speedo. Don’t you agree? Aye-yi-yi …

I’m up early, and I’ve already taken my walk on the shore, followed by a dip in the Gulf. Outside, it’s overcast and there’s a light breeze blowing. That means I’ll likely eschew writing this morning. Instead, my boyfriend and I will trim our neighbor’s hedge, which she can’t do herself. It’s not exactly a fun job, but we have to take advantage of the relatively cool day to get the job done.

The past three days, I’ve had about 2,000 visitors per day on this blog. This morning, it’s only nine AM and already 1,500 people have stopped by. Now, my record day of all time was 2,800, and I don’t think we’ll surpass that today, but you never know. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

And, no, I have not forgotten about my promise to post new free fiction on this blog. I’ve been busy with my boyfriend’s visit and with legal and medical matters. But things are settling down and I will get something up on the blog within the next two weeks. That’s guaranteed, readers. I’ll find a story with an interesting plot and plenty of juicy lovemaking. How’s that?

Last night, I had a pleasant surprise. I checked the Noble Romance Publishing website, and saw that my new anthology, Flawed Boys, is number one on the Noble Romance bestsellers list.

Flawed Boys is not the kind of book that would normally sell this well. Yes, there are steamy passages, but certain characters have serious shortcomings, and there are scenes — in two of the stories at least — where readers will squirm when they read them.

So, I’m very proud the book’s doing so well. Right now you can’t buy it through Amazon or All Romance E-Books. Those sites will have the book in a few weeks. I’m not sure why there’s a lag time, but that’s okay. If you do plan to buy a copy, please buy through Noble Romance. You’ll be supporting a publishing house run by nice folks who care about their authors and readers. Here’s the link:

Okay, as I said earlier, it looks like I’m playing gardener this morning. Time to get out the work gloves, branch cutter, wheelbarrow and rake. See what seven years of higher education, a career in law, and another in writing, will get you? Have a nice Wednesday, all.

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