Sexy guy from Munich; Martin’s whirlwind hour on the Noble Romance readers loop …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s photo post. What do you think? A guy who visited Munich, Germany took the picture. The subject is a construction worker who was unaware his photo was being taken. Nice body, eh?

When you visit Germany, you often see young men like him, walking the streets in their laetzhosen, or “bib overalls”, and they always look sexy.

I’ll post a second photo of this guy tomorrow evening, okay? I wonder if his employer’s hiring? (“Sir, may I work on Sebastian’s shift?”)

So, I did my hour on the Noble Romance readers loop this afternoon. Thanks to all the folks who stopped by, especially those who participated in the contests. It was fun, and I heard from a lot of nice people. BTW, you can still enter the contests for a free copy of my book, Flawed Boys. 

Tonight, my boyfriend and I will dine at our good friend and neighbor’s house. We’ll probably drink more than we should, and I know the food will be good. What a nice way to spend Saturday evening. We did manage to visit the beach for a half-hour this afternoon. It was mucho warm, but not too bad if we stayed in the water.

Okay, everyone: have a great Saturday evening.

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