Another sexy Lachowski photo; free fiction from Martin will start tomorrow …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love shirtless photos of Francisco Lachowski, don’t you? Isn’t he hot? If he were my boyfriend, I’d never let wear a shirt at home. Could you blame me?

Okay, on to other matters ….

I’ve been promising I would soon post another piece of free Martin Delacroix fiction. It’s taken me a while to select the right piece, but I’ve decided on a story titled Closet Case. It was published last year in a Cleis Press anthology titled Best Gay Erotica 2011, and it’s been a big hit with readers. Now, you can read it for free. How’s that? I’ll start posting segments of the story tomorrow morning.

It’s been an easy day for me. I completed the final draft of a short story I’ll soon submit for another Cleis Press anthology, Wild Boys. Then I took care of correspondence and phone calls. Somewhere in there, I spent some quiet time with my boyfriend and made a trip to the supermarket while he took a nap. Now, it’s early evening. A friend who went to Maine with us is hosting dinner for us tonight. We’ll play another game of Scrabble and down a few drinks. It should be lots of fun.

Have a nice Sunday evening, all.

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