Blond beauty in blue boardshorts; Martin’s becoming a cyclist …

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s not clear to me what’s going on in the photo I’ve posted here this morning, but one thing’s for certain: the boy is a major cutie. Don’t you agree? Why isn’t he hanging out at my beach?

I’m posting late today because a good friend and I took a 15-mile bike ride this morning, starting at seven AM. We used “hybrid” bikes, which are a cross between racing bikes and mountain bikes. I really enjoyed myself, although my butt was sore half-way through our trip. (I’m told this problem goes away if one bikes regularly.)

Anyway, it looks like I will take up biking to replace my three-mile runs, which my orthopedist has declared off-limits form now on. Bicycling will be much easier on my injured knee. I don’t live that far from Ft. De Soto Park, in south Pinellas County. The park has great bike trails and it’s a beautiful place. So, I’m entering a new era in my life. Call me “Martin The Cyclist”.

Outside it’s terribly hot. I think I may hop in my car and go bicycle shopping this afternoon, so I’m ready to hit the road tomorrow. Wherever you are, I hope you’re staying cool and enjoying your Saturday.

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