A sexy gymnast shows off his torso; lazy Friday night for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you just love gymnasts? When the summer Olympics come on TV, gymnastics are the only events I watch, for obvious reasons. Guys like the young man at left have the most amazing upper bodies. How come mine doesn’t look like that? (Okay, it’s been a while since I rode the pommel horse …)

I’m home from my visit to the YMCA, and my various errands. The fridge and wine supply are stocked. I made a bank deposit, and otherwise took care of business. Now it’s 6:15 PM and I’m home alone. What shall I do tonight? A bit of editing? A moonlit walk on the beach? If my boyfriend were here I know what I’d be doing, but he’s in Minnesota, so I’m left to my own devices, as they say. Maybe I’ll read a book.

While in transit to and from Wisconsin, I read from a collection of short stories by Somerset Maugham. The guy simply kicks butt, despite the fact his stories were written in the early 1900s. Go ahead, give him a try. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in his stories. He’s a master.


Other than riding my bike in Ft. De Soto Park tomorrow morning, I have no plans for my Saturday. I’ll definitely work on Convict Ass edits after my bike ride. The revisions are taking a lot of time because I want to get the story just right.

As for you, I hope you’re enjoying your Friday evening, wherever you may be.

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