Sexy lad in blue jeans; Martin’s cycling adventure …

Hi, friends and readers:

As you know, I’m a big fan of guys wearing boardshorts and nothing else. But I have to admit, certain guys also look great in blue jeans, if the jeans fit them right. Like the guy in this morning’s photo post. His jeans aren’t too tight and aren’t too loose. They’re just right, aren’t they?

I’m not sure about that crucifix he’s wearing, though. Is he a former altar boy? Somehow I don’t think so . . .

If you follow this blog, you know my orthopedic physician has decided my distance-running days are over. I’m not happy about it, but that’s life.

So, I purchased a Trek hybrid bike and I’ve been riding it 3-4 days per week when I’m not going to the YMCA. I’ve been riding in Ft. De Soto Park, but that requires me to load the bike into my Element and drive to the park. I don’t mind the drive, but loading and unloading the bike beats up the handlebars and attachments and it’s just not working smoothly.

This morning, I tried something new. There’s an island a mile from my house that’s totally isolated, with smooth roads and little traffic. It has a 2.25-mile loop road. So, I rode my bike down there and did seven loops. The total trip was 16 miles and I felt great when I finished. (Except for my sore butt. I’m still in the “break-in” stage when it comes to my poor glutes.)

Now I’m home and showered and enjoying my breakfast, with my whole day ahead of me free of obligation. What a lucky guy I am. I would not trade places with anyone, honestly.

I talked with my beautiful boyfriend last night. He’s working in Minnesota right now, but he’s coming to Florida in a week, to spend several days with me. After the week we spent together at a lake cottage in Wisconsin, it’s been a bit tough not being with him every day. I’m spoiled, I guess. But he’ll be here soon.

All right, I need to stop yammering and get to work. Now that I’ve finished my first round of edits on Convict Ass, I must get busy completing edits on my novel, Dodging a Pearl. It’s a daunting project. The book’s already 86,000 words, and it’ll likely be close to 95,000 when my edits are completed. I’ve made myself a promise I’ll get this done by the end of September. So, I’ll wish everyone a fine Tuesday, wherever you are.

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