Cute boy with a camera; hectic day for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think I wasn’t going to blog today? Wrong! I just had an incredibly busy day today, between caring for my relative, who just left the hospital, and picking up my boyfriend at Tampa’s airport. But I will not leave you high and dry, my friends.

Do you like the photo I’ve posted here tonight? I sure do. The guy’s cute, he has a great body, and I like the pose. I like theĀ bandanna, too. Don’t you?

I did manage to take a 16-mile bike ride this morning. I woke later than I normally do, so it was kind of warm out there, but not too bad. My trail’s a good workout and I tolerate it well, but my poor rear end gets sore from resting on that seat for 90 minutes. I keep waiting for my glutes to get used to it, but so far they’re still grumbling. (“Martin, what are you doing to us?”)

My boyfriend’s flight from Minnesota was “diverted” to Tallahassee this afternoon, due to bad weather in Tampa. His flight arrived 3-1/2 hours late. I actually left the airport and drove home. Then I went back just before five PM. Now we’re both enjoying cold beers and each other’s company. It’s so nice to have him home.

It’s been stormy all afternoon–here in the Bay Area–but now things are calming down. There’s a full moon rising tonight, so I think we’ll take a walk on the beach later on. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

Enjoy your Monday evening, everyone.

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