A slice of beefcake, for those who crave it; two busy days on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some of you have been known to complain about the lack of “hunky guy” photos on this blog. I know: my tastes tend toward the cute and willowy types, but I do appreciate the appeal of beefcake. So, this morning’s photo post is for you guys who crave the more muscular men. He is sexy, isn’t he?

Speaking of the blog … my traffic over the past ten days has been a little slow. I was averaging about 1,500 visits per day. But, the past two days, total visits have spiked to 2,000 per day. Welcome back, everyone.

Our dinner party/Scrabble war was lots of fun last night, although my boyfriend and I lost another match. What can I say? Our opponents are treacherous. We got home reasonably early, and into bed.

This morning, I was up before 7 AM, and on my bike at 7:30, for a 17-mile ride. The sky was partly cloudy and a nice breeze blew, so I kept cool and the ride was actually a pleasure. (My butt still hasn’t adjusted to that seat yet …) I came home and shared breakfast with my boyfriend. We spent a little quiet time together afterward. Now, I’m taking care of business and he’s reading on our sun porch.

Tomorrow’s my knee surgery, so today was probably my last bike ride for a few days, at least. I’ll be home tomorrow by noon or so. Then I’ll be hobbling about on crutches for a day or so. What fun, eh? At least I’ll be able to play basketball, tennis, and maybe do a little running, along with my cycling.

Okay, I have much to do, and it’s already eleven AM. So, I’ll say auf wiedersehen and wish everyone a wonderful Thursday.

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