Shirtless boy with puka shell necklace; quiet Saturday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this morning’s photo post? The boy’s hot, that’s for certain. I like the expression on his face; it’s kind of … wistful, isn’t it, like he’s having a serious thought. His briefs are sexy, too. But what I really like is that puka shell necklace.

When I was in law school, at FSU, puka shell necklaces were the rage. All the guys wore them, often without shirts. I’d walk through campus, just scoping on them and drooling. Ah, the good old days of higher education, in Tallahassee …

Our dinner out last night was great. We shared an appetizers of baked oysters and a hog snapper entree. They were both delicious, and so was a bottle of Soave we shared. The place was busy, but there wasn’t a wait, and our server was very attentive. By the time we got home we were both tired and it wasn’t long before we hit the sack.

This morning, we’re taking it easy. My boyfriend’s reading the paper while I write this. I’ll work on edits on Dodging a Pearl for a little while, then we have errands to run: Best Buy for a new DVD player, supermarket, bank, and drug store. What fun! Tonight, we’ll have a friend over for burgers on the grille. It’ll be a fun time.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Get outdoors and enjoy nature, why don’t you? Maybe you’ll see a cute, shirtless guy wearing puka shells.

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