Hot boy in a black Speedo; “Independence Day” for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know, I keep saying I’m going to attend some local swim meets, but then I never do. Why is that? Am I lazy? When I saw the photo at left, I told myself, “Martin, start watching the sports section of the newspaper. Look for articles about upcoming meets. Look what you’re missing out on.”

Some guys are built to wear Speedos, aren’t they? The guy at left is one of those, I’d say. What do you think? I wonder where he lives and what his name is? I wonder which event he swims in? I guess we’ll never know, but something tells me he’s American, not Australian. Its refreshing to see American boys in Speedos. Why are we so modest?

My boyfriend worked last night. I ended up going to bed early, before he got home. He found me asleep on our bed with the light on. I had planned to read in bed, but I dozed off before I even turned the covers down. What a grandpa I am!

I rose at seven this morning, took my 1-1/2 mile walk on the beach. Each day, it gets prettier down there, now that fall is about to arrive. In about an hour, I’ll visit my orthopedic surgeon to have my stitches removed. Then I’ll be free to swim at the YMCA again. I can take my morning dips in the Gulf after my walks. It’s like Independence Day for me.

My boyfriend works again today, so I’ll be spending much of the day by myself. Maybe I’ll visit the YMCA after he leaves for work and test out my knee. Who knows what I’ll do with myself this evening? I looked through all the “on demand” movies available on cable right now, and there isn’t much I find interesting.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your Friday, wherever you are. The weekend’s here. Get out and enjoy it.

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