Another hot boy in a black Speedo; Martin’s novel, “Maui” is two years old …

Hi, friends and readers:

Why can’t I resist photos of handsome young men wearing Speedos? Am I obsessed? Okay, maybe so, but I defy anyone to tell me he/she doesn’t like tonight’s photo post. Aye-yi-yi, what a cute guy. How come the guys at my beach don’t wear Speedos?

It’s been an easy day for me. I worked on Dodging a Pearl this morning. After lunch, we took a swim in the Gulf and floated on our rafts. I drove a relative to her doctor’s appointment. Then I came home and took a seven-mile bike ride. No, it wasn’t my usual 17-mile ride, but I’m taking it easy on my right knee until I’m sure it’s fully healed.

We’re having a busier day on the blog today, after a few slow ones. Maybe everything’s slow at this time of year. I can tell you there are no tourists on our island right now. Traffic’s light and the stores are empty. I’m not complaining — I like slow and easy — but not on my blog. Where is everyone?

So, my  boyfriend’s at work and I’m sitting here with a cold beer, wondering what I’ll do with my evening. The sky’s overcast, and it may rain. So I don’t think we’ll have a sunset tonight. That’s out. I’ll be dining alone and I suspect I’ll just heat up leftovers from the freezer. Exciting stuff, eh?

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the comment I posted from Tim, the gay surfer from Martin County, FL. Yeah, I suppose Tim’s right: there’s a certain percentage of surfers on the water who are gay. Look, surfing’s all about the following: perseverance, foul weather, balance (mentally and physically), and shoulder muscles. You can’t think about sharks, either. Straight guys don’t have a monopoly on such qualities, do they? The ocean belongs to everyone. And they don’t ask your sexual orientation when they sell you a board and wet suit.

Now, if you love to surf you have to put up with disappointment — often. It’s kind of like hitting a gay club — looking for love — and getting shut down, completely. Sometimes we’ll travel to the East Coast. We’ll spend the money on a hotel room, meals out and gas, and we won’t catch a single ride. The Atlantic goes flat, and there’s nothing a guy can do about it. But you don’t deserve the good waves if you’re not willing to make an investment of time and money to reach them. Am I right, fellow frothers?

Today’s kind of a special anniversary for me, in the literary sense. It’s been two years since my novel, Maui, hit the market. Published by Torquere Press and edited by Kit Zheng, it’s one of my favorite books I’ve written. I penned the story after I spent a week surfing in Maui, back in 2008. Here’s the blurb for the novel:

When Ishmael Fanning, a Florida surfer and grade school teacher, gets dumped by his partner of seven years, he relocates to the Hawaiian island of Maui. There he quickly finds himself involved with two younger men, Corey, a competition surfer, and Spencer, who works in a skateboard shop.

Eventually, Ishmael must choose between Corey and Spencer, and it’s not an easy decision for Ishmael to make. Spencer’s not the brightest guy, but he has a sensitive side; it appeals to Ishmael. Corey’s a prize-winning surfer — he has two years of college and looks like a fashion model — but his sexual orientation troubles him.

Both Spencer and Corey want Ishmael as a lover. Which guy will Ishmael choose?

Maui has sold well over the past two years. People keep asking me to write a sequel, but I don’t know …. I think I’ll leave my characters where they were at the end of the book. If you want to check it out, click on the book cover in the sidebar to the right, and it’ll take you to Torquere’s site.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough this evening. I’m going to cook dinner and find a movie on TV to watch. Everyone, have a nice Thursday night, wherever you may be.

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