Best friends getting close. Who was your best friend?

Hi, friends and readers:

Remember when you were fourteen? It’s a strange age. You’re too young to drive, but you don’t like hanging around the house with your parents and siblings. You’re not ready for romantic relationships; they’re confusing, especially if you’re gay. But, if you’re lucky, you have a best friend, a guy who accepts you despite your many flaws. A guy you can talk too. And a guy who’s fun to be with, even when the two of you are doing boring stuff like riding bikes or playing one-on-one in your driveway.

My best friend was named Curtis. We never had sex; it wasn’t that kind of friendship. But we sure knew how to make each other laugh, even when times weren’t the best. We both came from families with limited money — we had to make our own fun. In high school, we worked at the same gas station: pumping gas, checking customer’s oil levels and tire pressures. It was okay, we earned a paycheck and laughed at our circumstances.

Curtis is a lawyer in South Florida now. He’s been married twice, has three kids who are grown. I guess he’s happy. I don’t hear from him often. But I have my memories of our adolescent years, and they still make me smile. How about you? During your teenage years, who was your best friend? Have you kept in touch with him or her?

Last night, a band of thunderstorms came ashore and knocked out the power on the island, for the fifth time in less than a month. We had no electricity for hours — no a/c, Internet, lights or TV. I lit a propane lantern and listened to my iPod on the back porch, where it was relatively cool. Power wasn’t restored until around three AM. That’s life on a barrier island.

Today, I’ll spend my morning doing edits on Dodging a Pearl. (Present goal: finish edits by October 15th.) This afternoon, we’ll visit the YMCA to work out and swim laps. Tonight, I’m sharing a bottle of wine with a good friend, and we’ll watch sunset. Not bad, eh?

Enjoy your Friday, my friends.

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