Sexy boy in a football helmet; it’s a pigskin Sunday for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this morning’s photo post. Anybody want to tackle him? I know I sure would. A guy like him should never wear a shirt. I like his puka shell necklace, and the football helmet’s kind of sexy, too.

How was your Saturday night? I spent mine at the ballpark, watching the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 6-2. It was fun. The crowd was large and boisterous, the beer was cold (albeit expensive) and our seats were amazing. We were very close to the Blue Jays’ on deck circle, so you could see all the players on both teams, quite clearly. The Rays’ bullpen did a great job of containing the Jays’. I’m really glad we went.

Today’s all about football. My boyfriend’s nuts about the sport, and the Packers will play Chicago this afternoon, about four o’clock. So, we’ll be glued to the tube, with beer, chips and queso dip close at hand. It’s always fun. Plus, I have a thing for the Packers’ tight end, Jordy Nelson. (Aren’t I bad?)

We took a walk on the beach this morning, around eight o’clock. It was already hot as the devil outside. We swam in the Gulf afterward, which was nice. But I’m staying in the air conditioning the rest of the day. When is cooler weather going to arrive in Florida? I’m tired of this heat.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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