Cute and shirtless; pretty morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at this morning’s photo post. He’s cute, isn’t he? I especially like his dark eyes. My boyfriend has dark brown eyes and I love staring into them whenever I can.

I was up early this morning, doing a 16-mile bike ride before the temperature got too warm. My ride was nice. The sun was up, but a nice breeze blew and it kept me cool. My butt still hasn’t gotten used to my bicycle seat, but I suppose it will in time.

I have a busy day ahead of me. I’ll write this morning. After lunch, we’ll do our monthly house cleaning. Then it’s off to a dive shop to buy snorkeling equipment. About ten days from now we’re traveling to The Bahamas to spend a week in the Abacos. I’ve been down there many times; it’s beautiful and the people are friendly. We’ve rented a house and a boat. The weather there in October is superb, and I know we’ll have fun. The snorkeling’s the best I’ve ever experienced, too.

Sometimes people don’t understand why I spend so much time traveling. “Don’t you like it where you live?” they’ll ask me. Well, I absolutely love where I live; I wouldn’t live anyplace else. But I think it’s important to experience a change of atmosphere on a regular basis. Travel expands the mind; it helps you realize that not everyone lives like you and your friends. There are different ways to live and differing world views.

I’m not sure what we’ll do tonight. Maybe we’ll watch sunset before dinner, and then take a walk on the beach later in the evening. I hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying your Tuesday.

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