Sex outdoors. Is it advisable?

Hi, friends and readers:

Is it smart to have sex in public places? I mean, I understand how sometimes two guys get so horny they can’t wait to find someplace private. One guy gets naked, the other drops to his knees and they’re “off to the races”, so to speak. But there’s always law enforcement to consider, so I don’t know ….

When I was in law school, two friends went to a Gulf front park in the Florida panhandle. The place was pretty isolated, and they figured no one was around. They got naked and one guy was giving the other head on the beach when … ooops.

A park ranger approached, and he wasn’t smiling. He told my friends to leave the park immediately or he’d arrest them for indecency. It ruined their entire weekend. Was the blow job worth it? I don’t know. I’ve had friends who told me sex in public places was their favorite. Me? I prefer the privacy of my home or a hotel room. But that’s just me.

I’m posting late today because my boyfriend and I left the house to play golf at 7:45 this morning. We played 18 holes and it took a long time because the foursome in front of us was ultra-slow. It’s okay, we had a good time and I hit some decent shots. If I could just learn to quit slicing my drives, I’d play a respectable game.

Okay, my shoulders are sore and I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll get horizontal with my boyfriend and enjoy this nice air conditioning. Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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