Hot guy in an orange Speedo; nice morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Living at the beach, on an island, has its advantages. Sure, I have to deal with storms, salt spray on my car, power outages and crazy tourist drivers. But on the positive side, I have our white sand beach and blue-green Gulf to look at every day. I watch pelicans, herons and sea gulls catch their dinner. And I get to see lots of sexy young men parading around in swimsuits and little else.

Does everyone like this morning’s photo post? I think he’s pretty hot. He reminds me of the college boys we have roaming the shoreline here, particularly on weekends. Sadly, they don’t wear Speedos. And they seem so oblivious to their own beauty; I think they take it for granted. But I sure don’t. I’m a huge fan of these guys, aren’t you?

When I rose at seven AM today; I saw sunrise. Then I rode my bike 16.5 miles around the island. The morning was beautiful, not too hot. And there was no traffic to contend with. My ride takes around 90 minutes, which is a lot of time, but that’s okay. It gives me time for introspection, and to ponder improvements to my writing works-in-progress.

I’ll work on my novel, Dodging a Pearl, the rest of the morning. This afternoon, I have an appointment with a guy who wants to buy my boyhood baseball card collection. I own about 800 cards from the years 1957-62. I never look at them and none of the boys in my family has an interest in them either. So, I may as well sell them; they’re only taking up space in my bookshelf. It’s a bit sad, giving up a small piece of my early life. I was a baseball fiend as a kid. But it’s time to let go of the cards.

My boyfriend’s working tonight. I’m not sure what I’ll do this evening, but watching sunset is definitely in the equation. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday.

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