Lover boys in the river; beautiful morning on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like this morning’s photo post? I sure do. I love seeing two young men show affection to each other in public places. You don’t see it too often in the U. S., but in Europe it’s not unusual to see young men holding hands and kissing in public. In general, I think homophobia’s on the wane in America, but we still have a long way to go.

It’s amazing outside this morning. My boyfriend and I rose at 8:30 AM. We took a 16-mile bike ride, out here on the island. A cool front has moved into Florida and the temperature was probably 75 degrees when we started. I nice breeze is blowing and the sun’s shining; it’s just perfect. Now, we’re home and having a little brunch before doing some shopping for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas. The remainder of the day we’ll be watching baseball (Tampa Bay Rays) and football (Florida Gators, Wisconsin Badgers).

Yesterday’s post about “daddy lovers”, and the excerpt I posted form my story, Daddy Lover, stirred up a lot of interest. Comments ran the gamut. One guy said, “I got so horny after I read it, I had to relieve myself.” Another guy said, “Bradley’s a sick little f**ker. Who wants to read that kind of shit?”

Well ….

That’s the thing about fiction: everybody has differing tastes. Some people like my stories, some don’t. It’s okay. And I’ve always felt a story isn’t really good unless it pisses some people off. I like Bradley, a lot, as I said yesterday. He’s an individual. He knows what he wants and he’s not ashamed to tell it like it is.

Okay, I must get busy taking care of responsibilities. It’s going to be a busy day on the blog. Thanks t everyone who has stopped by today. Wherever you are, I hope your Saturday’s going as nicely as mine.

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