Hot boy in a hoodie; football and Scrabble on tap for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Like I said yesterday, I am not a huge fan of professionally posed photographs. I prefer candid shots, where the subjects aren’t “perfect”. To me, “perfect” is boring. I like young men with a few flaws. (Check out my book titled Flawed Boys, if you don’t understand what I’m saying here. You can find it in the sidebar at right.)

Anyway, despite what I’ve just said, I do like the photo at left. I like the boy’s facial expression. He looks a bit troubled, doesn’t he? I don’t know who he is or who the photographer is, but I’d like to see more of this young man. Wouldn’t you?

I was up early this morning. I hit the road with my bike at eight AM, traveling 16.5 miles. Again, the weather was ideal — about 75 degrees F, with a light breeze. My ride took about 90 minutes. Now I’m home, having breakfast at the keyboard while my boyfriend reads the newspaper in the next room. Ah, Sundays. Aren’t they nice?

I’ll spend a few hours working on my novel, Dodging a Pearl, before NFL football games commence. The Packers aren’t on cable, so I guess we won’t see them play today. This evening, a friend’s having us for dinner and a Scrabble match. We’ll drink beer and discuss the state of the world; it’s always fun with these guys.

A few people wrote the blog yesterday, asking if I’d post a photo from  our trip to Elbow Cay, in the Bahamas. Well okay, I’m not as pretty as the young men whose photos I post on this blog, but here’s a photo of Martin enjoying himself in paradise last week.

If you ever plan a trip to the Bahamas, do yourself a favor and don’t go the Freeport or Nassau. I know, those cities are where most people spend their vacations, but they don’t give you a true Bahamian experience. Instead, try visiting the Abacos or Eleuthera. You won’t be sorry. Sure it’s a little more difficult to get there. You’ll have to rent a cottage because there are not many hotels or inns. There aren’t many restaurants either. But the people are friendly and the natural beauty of the “out islands” is incomparable.

Okay, I have much to do, so I’ll say goodbye for now. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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