A nice surfing photo from a reader; quiet night at home on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of tonight’s photo post? I think it’s spectacular: the lighting, the wave, and the beautiful young man. Right click on it to see it full-size; you won’t be sorry. The photo is courtesy of a reader, T. J., who follows this blog. Thanks, T. J., it’s a great picture.

I’m getting lots of comments about the photo I posted this morning, and about the excerpt from my story, Slacker. One person asked me if the man whose hands you see in the photo is supposed to be a priest. Huh? Heck, I don’t know; I just like the photo. It’s up to everyone to make their own interpretation of the image. As to Slacker … my fiction is what it is, readers. A story’s never good unless it pisses somebody off, right?

It’s been a good day for me. I worked on Dodging a Pearl all morning. After sharing a nice lunch with my boyfriend, I went to the YMCA for a good workout. Afterward, I got a haircut (badly needed), and now I’m home with a fresh beer. I’m cooking a pot of chili tonight, in honor of fall’s arrival in central Florida. There’s a big storm out in the Gulf of Mexico. Tomorrow it’ll throw bands of wind and rain at the west coast all day long. That doesn’t bode well for my morning bike ride, does it?

Since my boyfriend’s at work until late tonight, I’m at loose ends. Maybe I’ll take a walk after dinner, or maybe read a book I’ve yet to start. Anyway, wherever you are, enjoy your Monday night, friends.

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