A boy who’s wet all over; rainy and windy night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look best when they’re wet, don’t they? Even if they’re wearing jeans at the time. The water makes the jeans cling to their lanky frames. Besides, he looks like he’s having fun, doesn’t he?

It hasn’t been a particularly “fun” day for me and my boyfriend. All day long it has been windy and rainy — no sunshine at all. It’s too unpleasant outside, even to take a short walk. We ran errands this afternoon: veggie market to buy a pumpkin for Halloween, booze store for wine, gas station, and the bank for cash. The roads were pretty deserted, due to the storms. Now we’re home, each of us sipping from a beer, and getting ready for a relaxed evening at home. We have a Netflix rental and a stash of good wine, so we’ll survive this nasty weather.

Someone wrote and asked me about my book, Flawed Boys. Yesterday, I published an excerpt from the book, from the story titled Slacker. As I mentioned yesterday, you can check out the book by right-clicking on the cover in the sidebar at right. But here’s the blurb for Flawed Boys: 


Flawed Boys offers three erotic tales of guys falling in love with troubled young men.                  

In Dream Boy, Keith Reinhardt, a loner in his mid-thirties, finds himself involved with Riley Davenport, a community college student who can’t perform in bed. When Riley explains why, Keith is more than disturbed. Can Keith handle Riley’s psychological issues? Can Riley overcome his fear of intimacy?

In The Little Prince, Will Mittemeyer’s a working class guy with a college scholarship. He’s home on summer break, mowing lawns for cash. Eric’s a Brown University student from a wealthy family. The two meet when Will grooms Eric’s yard. Will is repelled by Eric’s haughty attitude, but soon learns it’s all a front. In truth, Eric is friendless, emotionally insecure and intellectually challenged. Despite Eric’s problems, can the two become friends and perhaps more?

In Slacker, nineteen year-old Robert’s a high school dropout with ADHD, a limp, and confidence problems. Alcohol and marijuana are Robert’s weaknesses. When he meets forty-year-old Cecil on a construction job, Robert feels attracted to the older man. Cecil offers Robert a job and a home, but there’s a catch: Robert must abandon his self-destructive behaviors. Can Robert live do it? Can he master his demons? Become the man he wants to be?

We all dream of ideal lovers, but often we settle for less. And it’s strange: sometimes less-than-perfect men are exactly what we need in our lives. Read about it in the pages of Flawed Boys. 

Okay, pretty soon I must start cooking dinner; it’s my turn tonight. I’ll prepare a simple dish of shrimp, tomato sauce and pasta. I’ll make a fresh garden salad and serve the meal with a chilled bottle of Savignon blanc. It should be pretty tasty. Wherever you are this evening, I hope you’re feeling fine.

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