A hot young man with strawberry hair, showering …

Hi, friends and readers:

How’s your Tuesday morning going so far? Have you bathed yet? Would you like to share your shower with the young man at left? I know I would. (“Pass the shampoo, Kevin, would you? And shall I scrub your back for you?”) I think the young man has very sexy hair and a sinewy body. Just my type ….

I’m back from a 16.5-mile bike ride. The weatherman had predicted rain this morning, and heavy winds. But the tropical storm sitting in the Gulf seems to have stalled. Yeah, a steady wind blew out of the southeast, but I rode 90 minutes and never encountered a drop of rain. My boyfriend and I had planned to rent a chain saw this afternoon, to trim trees on our property, but I guess we’ll wait and see what the storm does.

I spent a lazy night at home yesterday. I prepared a pot of chili, at two bowls full while watching  Bill Maher’s show. he’s always pretty funny, but I get so tired of the rancor in American politics. And I get so discouraged by the inability of our congressional leaders to reach compromises on important matters of governance. (All right, Martin. Stop griping …)

We had another busy traffic day on the blog Monday. About 1,700 people stopped by to view the photos and check out my posts on writing and my terribly exciting life. A lot of folks said nice things about the surfing photo I posted yesterday evening, the one sent to me by T. J., a reader who follows this blog. Thanks again, T. J., for sharing.

Okay, I have much to do and the morning’s half over. Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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