Cute boy listening to his iPod; Martin’s off to the city …

Hi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like this evening’s photo post? You know, sometimes a guy needs to take his shirt off, stretch out, and enjoy the sunshine. How come he’s not doing that down the street from my house? I wonder what sort of music he’s listening to? And what’s he thinking about? Sex? With whom? I guess, we’ll never know ….

It’s been a busy day for me: revisions on Convict Ass, doing a bit of housework, and visiting the YMCA. My lap-swimming was great; I had my own lane, a real luxury. Now, I’m about the depart for the city, to meet up with two guys I lived with during my law school days at FSU. We’ll drink beer, discuss the state of the world, and then go out for dinner at someplace we’ll all agree on, after endless discussion. It’s always fun. Since my boyfriend’s at work, I’ll enjoy the company.

A guy from Central California wrote me today, to assure me there are gay water polo players, including himself. His name is Jake. He said the following:

“Martin, you should go to a water polo match sometime. It’s fast-paced, and believe me, a guy has to be in great shape to compete. It’s not a sport for the undisciplined. I play on an intramural team at my college and it’s a very competitive situation. Yeah, the guys are pretty hot, too.”

Thanks for writing, Jake.

Okay, I need to get dressed before I head into town. Which shirt shall I wear? Which pair of shorts? Decisions … decisions …. Have a nice Wednesday night, all.

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