Lover boys in black and white; time for a neighborhood party …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love pictures of male lovers snuggling in bed. The guys always look so happy, and there’s a reason for that. When most gay men are boys and growing up, they are never given role models — gay couples who are happy together. Most parents just assume their boys will be straight. And most boys never enter into gay relationships until they’ve left home. When it finally happens, what a relief it is. (“Hey, we can find happiness, too? How come I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school. Things would’ve been so much better.”)

While I’m on that subject … I think it’s terribly important for those of us in successful relationships to live openly in our communities, so gay boys and young men can see they have as much chance finding happiness as their straight friends. If we stay in the closet, we deprive these kids of the hope they deserve. So, friends: let your gay flag fly. You never know who you’ll inspire when you do.

It’s 5:30 PM, here on the island, and already it’s nearly dark. In about 90 minutes we’ll take a cooler and our food contribution to our monthly neighborhood party. This is an informal gathering; people bring what they want and everyone grazes on the food offerings while drinking beer and wine and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings and the kindness of our neighbors.

My boyfriend’s making seven-layer bean dip, always a good choice. I know refried beans aren’t exactly “health food”, but it’s a party, right? Besides, we both had a full workout  at the YMCA, including  lap-swimming. We deserve a few extra calories tonight.

Have a nice Friday evening, everyone.

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