Sexy guy enjoying nature; Martin’s going camping …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love living at the beach, especially when I stroll the shore and encounter a handsome young man like the guy at left. He looks like he’s enjoying the outdoors, doesn’t he? How come young guys in the U. S. won’t wear Speedos? Too shy? Who knows?

I’m in a nature mood this morning because I’m camping tonight and Monday night with my boyfriend and two other guys I have known since I was a child. They’re the guys we went to Maine with last July. We reserved our campsite months ago, in a county park right on Tampa Bay. There are white sand beaches, biking and hiking trails, and a fort built during the Spanish American War, all very cool. There are Ospreys, raccoons, gopher tortoises, and bottle-nose dolphins.

The weather right now is perfect for camping. The high today will be 80 degrees F, the low around 55. We have two tents, sleeping bags, a cook stove, food and plenty of booze.  Can you say, “Paradise?”

We’re having a busy weekend, here on the blog, with more than 1,500 people visiting yesterday, and probably 2,000 today. I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the photos, and my posts about the exciting events o my life as a fiction author. Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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