A hot guy with a hole in his briefs; pretty night on the island …

Hi friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s photo post. Now, I don’t think the picture was professionally taken. Also, it’s shot on a public street in the middle of the day. What kind of guy goes jogging in a pair of briefs with the rear torn open? (I think it’s referred to as “showing pink.”) Aye-yi-yi. I wonder if he’ll be jogging past my place tonight? Should I keep an eye out for him? What a sexy guy …

It’s been a quiet day for me: writing, visiting a loved on in the hospital, shopping, and taking a three-mile run. After my run, I walked about a half-mile on the beach and it was so beautiful down there. Two weddings are taking place on the shore tonight, and people were gathering for the ceremonies. I think it’s a great idea for nuptials, so much less formal than a church, and so pretty.

In about fifteen minutes I’ll return to the beach to watch sunset. It’s warm and sunny tonight, with a light breeze coming out of the east. A friend’s coming over for dinner tonight — I’m making baked chicken and pasta, along with a garden salad. We’ll watch football and drink too much beer. My poor boyfriend’s slaving away at work, so I’ll enjoy my bud’s company.

Have a nice Saturday evening, everyone.

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