Boner in the laundry room; thoughts on gay men and Thanksgiving …

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this blog, you know I like candid shots of guys in a “state of excitement”, and tonight’s photo post certainly fits the category well. What a great way to spend time in the laundry room, eh?

I’m home after a workout at the YMCA and a trip to the beer/wine market for holiday supplies. It’s absolutely beautiful outside — about 78 degrees F, sunny and dry. The rain clouds have left us behind, so we’ll have a nice day tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow ….

As gay men, we often must form our own “families”, since our way of living doesn’t always “fit in” at traditional family gatherings. I know things are changing, and that’s good. In many families, it’s okay for Uncle Kyle to bring his boyfriend to Thanksgiving Dinner, but in some families it’s not. So, many of us are left with two choices: (1) have dinner without our partner; or (2) put together a nontraditional gathering of gay men and friends. Me? There isn’t a choice; I’m spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend, no question about it.

Now, if you know a gay man in your community who does not have a place to go for dinner tomorrow night, please pick up the phone–right now–and invite him to join you, wherever you may be going. Or if you have no place to go, call a friend who’s in the same situation and put something together tomorrow, even if it’s heating up two frozen turkey dinners and sharing a bottle of good wine. Will you do that, please?

Okay, I’ll step down from the soap box. I’m heading into the city to spend Wednesday evening with my buds. We’ll drink beer, gab for a couple of hours, and then have dinner at a nearby restaurant. It’s always fun. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll have a nice Wednesday evening.

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