Hot guy in a trapper hat and briefs; chilly day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

The photo at left I have posted before — about a year ago. It’s always been popular with guys who visit this blog, for an obvious reason: the guy in the photo is uber hot. Plus he’s wearing that cute “trapper hat”, a fashion accessory that’s become quite popular in cold weather climates.

My boyfriend bought me a trapper hat for my birthday in 2010; I love it, and I plan to wear it often this winter. Okay, we don’t have snow and ice in Florida, even in January. But it does get cold here sometimes, so I’ll be ready when it does.

No, the problems with my blog photos appearing OVERSIZED have still not been addressed by WordPress. Maybe I inadvertently changed a setting in my dashboard? I don’t know. But I’ll get it fixed somehow, trust me. Digitial technology’s great, but it drives me crazy when it doesn’t work right. Do you know what I mean?

Outside, it’s sunny, but the temperatures in the high 50s and a stiff breeze is blowing, making it kind of chilly for outdoor activities. At some point today, I’ll either take a run or a bike ride, depending on the wind developments. When you live on a little island, wind becomes an important factor in your outdoor exercise choices.

I have much to do today: edits on Dodging a Pearl, a trip to the beer/wine market, loads of laundry (Oh, boy!) and Christmas preparations. Every year, my boyfriend and I send out a Christmas card with a photo of us and our illuminated snow man, always taken in a different spot. Today’s the day to take the photo, and I think we’ll do it down on the shore. So, I’d best be going.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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