Are boxer shorts as sexy as briefs? Martin has the “midnight disease” …

Hi, friends and readers:

Every gay man has his own taste when it comes to underwear. Do you like young men in briefs or boxers? To me, both are sexy. Boxers leave a bit more to the imagination, but they still flatter a young guy’s body in a nice way, like the guy in tonight’s photo post. He’s cute, isn’t he? Wait a minute … Are those sleep pants? Ah-h-h, who cares?

It’s actually morning right now. I’m suffering from a bout with the “midnight disease”, as my favorite writer, Michael Chabon, dubbed it. Writers like me sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a strange compulsion to write or edit. There’s no use lying in bed; I’ll just toss and turn and disturb my boyfriend. So, I just get up and get to work. Eventually, I’ll get sleepy.

I’ve just spent an hour trying to repair the visual damage to my blog, caused by some glitch in the WordPress system. Many of the photos I’ve posted, going way back, have suddenly become oversized. There’s only one way to fix the problem that I have found. I must manually save the photo post, then re-size it on the Microsoft picture program, then re-upload each photo. I’ve done this for all posts from October through the present. The older posts will have to remain out of whack; it’s just too much work to fix them all. Ah-h-h, technology ….

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