Cute boy flexing; Martin’s back in business …

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think Martin was dead? No, I’m alive and healthy, but my old WordPress blog has been “deactivated” by the folks at WordPress because they decided my site had become “too commercial.”

Now, I’m okay with that, but when they “deactivated” the blog, I lost 99% of the photos I’d posted over three years. Can you believe that? All that work, and all that male beauty, went right down the drain. Aye-yi-yi.

In the weeks ahead, I’ll try to restore some of the more recent posts, perhaps three or four months’ worth, but I’ll never be able to fully restore the photos lost. Hey, I’m going to look forward, not backward. I’ve never let setbacks of this kind bother me. I pick myself and dust myself off, just like in sports. Martin’s a tougher guy that you might think ….

During my “absence”, Noble Romance Publishing released my new novel, Convict Ass. There’s the cover, at left, and here’s the book blurb:

“Kurt Delay has just served thirty months in prison, on an arson conviction. He’s on parole and crazy about his new lover, Eli, who’s also an ex-con. Passion between Kurt and Eli burns hotter than Kurt’s conflagrations; love between Eli and Kurt seems full of promise. But when Kurt’s former cellmate, Harold Grimm, comes between Kurt and Eli, the two are forced into desperate actions. Can they save the life they’ve built together? Set in 1965 Florida, Convict Ass offers a glimpse of a peculiar brand of love shared only by men who’ve done time behind bars.”

If you’re interested in checking the book out, here’s the link to the Noble Romance website:

Right now, I’ve also lost all my lovely book covers I’d placed on the old blog, so readers could click on the covers and go right to the publisher’s websites. It’ll take time to restore those, too. (Sigh ….)

Well, one must persevere. I imagine I’ve lost many of my followers. It may be a while before this new website (it’s a now) will find its way into search results on my name, but we’ll get there, one way or another. I’ll be posting daily or twice daily, every day, just like before. Please, friends: drop me a comment and let me know if you’ve found your way here. I miss you ….

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.


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