Cute boy with a nose scar; Martin’s keeping busy with the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at this morning’s photo post. Have you ever seen a more handsome young man? I love this picture: the lighting, the expression on the young man’s face, his hair and clothing. But most of all, I like the scar on his nose. It doesn’t detract from his beauty. It makes him more interesting, I think.

I spent several hours yesterday, trying to rebuild my past blog posts, but it’s slow going. I didn’t save many of the photos I posted, even from recent months. It’s already obvious to me I’ll only be able to restore about 3 to 4 month’s worth of posts. It’s a shame, but that’s our digital world for you.

I have a busy day ahead. We’re having a Christmas party Sunday night, for neighbors and friends, and we must shop for food and booze. We have other errands to run, as well. So, we’ll eschew the YMCA and get stuff done, instead.

By the way … Last night I attended a gathering of a dozen guys I went to high school with (a million years ago). Some guys I hadn’t seen since we graduated. Everyone was in a relaxed and playful mood. We drank beer, ate snacks, and reminisced. It was fun. I’m glad I went.

Okay, everyone: have a nice Friday.

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