Cute cyclist displaying his package; party time at Martin’s tonight …

Hi, friends and readers:

What can I say about this morning’s photo post? On my old blog, this was also one of the more popular pictures. People love the young cyclist and his less-than-modest outfit. Did his mother see him before he walked out the door that morning? Aye-yi-yi … what a package. And I love his cheesy sunglasses.

I’m up reasonably early, and ready for a full day. We’re hosting an “Ugly Sweater Party” tonight, for our friends and neighbors. We’ll have food, beer, wine, and Christmas cookies. And the sound system will play Christmas tunes. Thankfully, the weather cooled overnight, so we can use the fireplace without roasting everyone, if we keep the windows open. (Hey, it’s Florida. We do things that way down here.)

I received good news from my publisher, Noble Romance: my new novel, Convict Ass, is number six on their best seller list this week. Not bad, eh? Here’s the link:

I have much to do in preparation for our party: straighten up the house, visit the Greek market to pick up a large salad for the party, buy 20 pounds of ice and another large bottle of Pinot Grigio. My poor Element will be huffing and puffing today. But I’m looking forward to tonight’s festivities. My “ugly sweater” is a beauty.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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