The morning after. Oh, Ecstasy and hot tricks…

Hi, friends and readers:

I know: you are wondering exactly why I posted this photo.

Take a deep breath ….

Remember a few years back, when you visited a gay club? A guy approached and  asked you to dance.

“Do you like Ecstasy?” he asked.

You said, “I think so.”

Then he handed you a tablet, a nice little blue one. You swallowed the tablet. A few minutes later, everything glowed. You laughed. He looked so … sexy. 

Next morning, you woke to his handsome face. He asked if you were okay. You answered, “Yes, but may I have a glass of water?”

At first, you may ask yourself, “Why did I do such things to myself? Why didn’t I stay home and read a book that night?” But if you had stayed home, you’d have never met him. And trust me: you’ll remember him for a long time to come. I have dozens of one-night stands stored in my memory bank. It’s important to stock up while you are young.

Okay, I’m up far too late tonight, and I’m ready for bed. I’m still working on  restoring my old blog posts in September through November. I’ll finish; I promise.  Good night, friends.

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