Cute boy with headphones; lazy Christmas Eve for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like today’s photo post as much as I do? If you looked up the word “cute” in the dictionary, his picture would probably appear beside the definition. Even his fuzzy armpit is charming. I’ll bet his name is … Tyler. I wonder what type of music he’s listening to: rap, R&B or rock? Who knows?

I rose late today. It’s warm in central Florida. Right now, it’s about 80 degrees F and sunny. I plan to take a long bike ride after I have lunch; it’s a perfect day for it, as the wind’s not blowing. In a few hours, I’ll put my guitar in the Element and I’ll travel to the north end of our island, for Christmas caroling. I guess I’ll dress light; it’s to warm to wear a sweater, but I’ll still wear my Santa cap. That’s festive enough, right?

Christmas Eve is a time to gather with the people who mean most to you in your life. Sometime’s that’s your birth family. Other times, your friends and your partner are the folks you spend this day with. If you know a gay man who’s spending his Christmas Eve alone, please call him and invite him to join you this evening, for a little Christmas cheer. Will you do that?

Enjoy today, my friends



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