Okay … one more Christmas Eve post …

Hi, friends and readers:

I didn’t intend to post again. With my caroling expedition, I didn’t expect to have much energy by this time of evening. But I’m experiencing a surge of energy, so I’m offering up a nice Christmas photo.

He’s cute, isn’t he? Will he appear beneath my tree in the morning?

Actually, my caroling adventure was better than last year. People loved the fact someone took the trouble to walk the streets and sing. They invited us into their homes, gave us food and drink. Their children went nuts. It makes you realize how a bit of creativity and effort makes Christmas more special. My guitar accompaniment wasn’t the best, but I bumbled my way through. No one seemed to care if my tuning was a bit … off.

Okay, I just spoke on the phone with my beautiful boyfriend; he’s in Minnesota tonight. I miss him, but we’ll be together soon, so it’s okay.

Happy Christmas Eve, friends.

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