One more Christmas post. Isn’t Lachowski beautiful?

Hi, friends and readers:

Consider tonight’s photo post to be a Christmas card to you from Martin. The picture must have been taken when Lachowski was still a teenager; he looks so young, doesn’t he? Why wasn’t he under  my tree this morning?

Actually, I already have an amazing boyfriend; I don’t need Francisco in my life. But he is a beautiful guy, isn’t he?

I’ve about finished preparations for tonight’s dinner at my place. I cooked a really tasty casserole: mashed sweet potatoes, mixed with sausage and sauteed onions, with a dash of sage. It’s going to be a hit, I know. In about an hour, we’ll gather at a neighbor’s place for drinks and snacks. Then we’ll move to my place for the main meal, followed by dessert at another neighbor’s home.

I talked to my boyfriend earlier today. He’s traveling to Green Bay right now, so he can attend the Packers/Bears game with family members. The poor boy, I hope he stays warm. Go, Packers!

Have a nice Christmas night, everyone.

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