Are boys in Pittsburgh hot? Quiet night on the island for Martin …

Hi, friends and readers:

My mom’s from Pittsburgh, PA, but I’ve never spent any time there. She left the city as a teenager, and never returned. But if the young man in tonight’s photo post typifies students at University of Pittsburgh, maybe I should pay my relatives up there a visit. He’s cute, isn’t he? Is that his dorm room in the background? If so, he needs to put some artwork on the walls; the place looks awfully barren. (Okay, Martin: stop being so … gay.)

I picked my boyfriend up at the airport this morning, around eleven. He left for work around two PM, but at least we had a few hours together. It sure is good to have him home. He had a nice time with his family in Minnesota, so it’s all fine. Tonight, I’ll have him here to snuggle with. Ah-h-h, the rustle of sheets in the dark ….

Okay, readers: I have not published any free fiction on this site since it debuted earlier this month. But I promise I’ll find something you guys can enjoy, as we usher 2012 into our lives. How’s that?

Have a nice Tuesday evening, all.


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