Naked lad on a red raft; Winter arrives in central Florida …

Hi, friends and readers:

I live on Florida’s west coast, right on the Gulf of Mexico. Most days, the Gulf is calm, and a favorite activity ,of both young and old, is rafting. It’s so much fun. My boyfriend and I both own rafts, but I must say: a raft never looked so good as the one in this morning’s photo post. That boy’s got a pair of buns on him, doesn’t he? Aye-yi-yi ….

I’m up reasonable early this morning, with a busy day ahead. I’ll get back to working on edits on my novel, Dodging a Pearl, which has turned into a much larger project than I’d ever anticipated. I started the editing process during July. I thought I’d finish by late October. Here it is almost New Year’s Day 2012, and I am only 70% finished with the edits. This is a 115,000 word novel, aimed at mainstream readers. With any luck, I’ll finish the job by mid-February 2012. Then it’s time to market the book to literary agents.

This afternoon, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, before he goes to work. It sure was nice waking up to him this morning. He looks so cute between the sheets.

Winter has arrived in central Florida. It’ sunny outside, but cool. Tonight, the temperature’s supposed to drop into the high 40s. I may light the fireplace tonight. (Of course, I’ll have to open a few windows or it’ll get to warm in the house. That’s Florida ….)

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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