Hot guy in blue gym shorts; cold night on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you like tonight’s photo post as much as I do? Okay, he’s not your typical “Delacroix pretty boy”, but I sure think he’s hot. I like his muscles, his furry calves and the expression on his face. Whoever the photographer was gets an “A” from me. I wonder what the model’s name is? I’m guessing … Evan. I’ll bet he’s a college senior. I wonder where Evan lives?

It’s been a busy day for us: taking down the outdoor Christmas lights and Frosty The Snow Man, taking down the Christmas tree (It didn’t take all that long.), boxing the ornaments, and putting all the Christmas paraphernalia in the attic. With two of us working, it was easy. Now, the house is back to normal and looking great.

Outside, it’s freezing cold. The temperature will drop into the low 40s tonight, so I brought the orchids in from the back porch. Maybe later we’ll light the fireplace, but first we’re going out for dinner to a nice restaurant, using a gift card a friend gave me for Christmas. I love restaurant gift cards. We’re going to an Italian place with great food and wine. I can’t wait.

Have a nice Tuesday night, everyone. Hug your boyfriend and stay warm.


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