Hot boy showing off his abs at school. Who took the photo?

Hi, friends and readers:

Things in high school must have changed since I attended. (That was a few years back.) Do boys nowadays show off their abs to each other in the hallways during change of classes? Aye-yi-yi. Maybe I need to re-enroll. And here’s the big question: who took the photo I’ve posted here tonight? I doubt the boy lifting his short knew his picture was being taken. Whoever took it, thank you ….

It’s Wednesday night and I’m about to head into the city to share an evening with my Wednesday night buds. It’s cold tonight. The temperature will drop below 40 degrees F tonight, and that’s very unusual for central Florida. I hope my flowers survive the night. Thankfully, the wind has died down, which makes things more tolerable.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. Earlier today, worked on reconstructing some of my blog posts from February 2010, when I traveled to Toronto to visit a guy I’d met online who was a potential boyfriend. It didn’t work out, but I had a good time on the trip. It’s just the weather was freezing; highs of around 30 degrees, lows around 15. Outrageous! So, I shouldn’t gripe about 40, should I?

Have a nice Wednesday evening, everyone.

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